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IES: Action needed from PM on SDGs

A group of organisations, spearheaded by UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development (UKSSD), delivered a resolute brief to UK PM Boris Johnson. It outlined 3 key actions the Government must undertake to uphold its promises for achieving the SDGs in the UK. Assembled from the views and expertise of UKSSD members, the brief asks the PM to:

1. Show leadership by signalling support for organisations to work together in the UK, across sectors and industries, to transform broken or failing systems

2. Publicly communicate the importance of the SDGs and develop a more effective approach to their implementation

3. Help the UK understand its performance on the SDGs by openly disclosing progress towards the targets.

As part of the research, the Institution of Environmental Sciences - a Licensed Member Body of the Society for the Environment, convened a roundtable in November 2019 with six leading environmental consultancies.

The full news release can be viewed via the IES website


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