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Green skills survey (2023) 


In Summer 2023 the Environmental Policy Forum (EPF) issued a green skills survey. 

The survey was developed to determine:
•    The extent of the green skills challenge across sectors and anecdotal/ research evidence to demonstrate this challenge. 
•    Activity underway or planned to address green skills challenges where they exist.
•    Interest in collaboration and areas where activity could be focused to maximise our collective impact.

The survey findings were as follows:
•    There is a significant cross-sector green skills challenge. This is demonstrated through both research and anecdotal evidence.
•    Specialist knowledge/ skills, attracting recruits/ entry routes are the biggest skills challenges. 
•    Limited awareness of green jobs/ routes available is the biggest barrier to entry – linked to insufficient reach to teachers, students, and careers advisors.
•    Notable skills gaps include behavioural change and digital. 
•    Current activities to address green skills challenges include improving awareness of roles/ entry routes through online content and campaigns, as well as calling for more investment in green skills through policy work.
•    Raising awareness of roles/ routes with those in education is projected to become a top priority for respondents.
•    There is growing majority interest in collaborating on boosting green skills.
•    The most common key asks of government, investors, and employers: a collaborative, joined-up approach, improving Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and ensuring greater investment/ funding in green skills (including providing financial incentives to enter green jobs). 

You can view the full survey findings and recommendations via the PDF below.















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