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RGS-IBG: Geography teaches the next generation about climate change

Over the next week, communities are coming together to participate in a global week of action to coincide with the UN Climate Summit beginning on 23 September. Over several days, global leaders from government, business and civil society will come together to address the global climate emergency.

With the topic in the spotlight, the results of a recent online survey, commissioned by the Society and undertaken by YouGov, have revealed that geography GCSE is the most widely recognised subject to study in order to understand the effects of climate change.

It also reveals that more young adults think studying geography can help you learn about climate change (82% of 18-24 year olds), compared with older generations (72% of 55+ year olds). These findings coincide with the resurgence of the discipline’s popularity with a record 265,000 students choosing to sit the geography GCSE examination in summer 2019.

The full news story can be viewed via the RGS-IBG website


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