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SocEnv Supports Assurances for Environment Act - Sustainability Should Be at Heart of Economic Model

The Society for the Environment (SocEnv) is pleased to join other leading business, environmental, academic and professional groups in publishing a shared view of how the Government's proposed Environment Bill can help 'put sustainability at the heart of our economic model'. The Bill must enable business to satisfy society's needs for healthy food, housing, infrastructure, energy, products and services, among other needs, while also confronting the environmental challenges we face.

We need to get past the habit of short term policymaking, which sees policies introduced late in the day, once problems like marine plastic pollution or poor air quality have become entrenched. To date this approach has seen the Government and Society as a whole pay the costs of environmental damage, for example through the National Health Service and businesses facing high short- term adjustment costs.

The full news story can be viewed via the SocEnv website


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