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IOM3 Welcomes Environment Bill For A Greener Future

The Environment Bill has been introduced to Parliament to better protect our natural environment for generations to come ahead of the UK’s exit from the European Union on 31 January.

This landmark Bill enshrines key environmental principles in law and introduces measures to tackle air pollution, managing the UK’s resources and waste, meeting net-zero by 2050 and restoring and enhancing nature. For the first time, the Bill will create new powers enabling government to ban or restrict the export of polluting plastic waste to developing countries, which as well as preventing its irresponsible disposal will help boost the UK’s domestic recycling system.

IOM3 CEO Colin Church welcomed the new Bill, stating, ‘It is good to see the Government honouring its pledge to bring this Bill back after the election. Enshrining key environmental principles in law, placing the ambition of the 25 Year Environment Plan on a statutory footing and creating a strong and independent oversight body are all essential steps.’

The full news release can be viewed via the IOM3 website


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